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Dancing in the Dark [PDF]

by Janet Hobhouse
This book is definitely a product of its time and should be read in its 80s context to be enjoyed. The central focus of this novel is a marriage between Isabella and Morgan that has welcomed a third party; homosexual Claudio into their everyday domestic life. Hobhouse’s writing style is unusual but not exactly in a good way, coming off as a reporter describing a scene rather than a writer creating one. This seems to give her characters a lack of depth and she uses racial and limp-wrist stereotypes a little more than necessary. That said the book does a fair job of chronicling the social change of the 80s that saw homosexuals become more accepted in general society (albeit with lingering unease for some) as well as the perceptions of sexual freedom in the gay community. The nightclub/gaybar scenes are pure 80s and make me wish this got filmed as a movie..even a telemovie (except maybe the gay-fucking room part).
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Thank you! Great book!

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