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Essential Power Man and Iron Fist, Vol. 1 [PDF]

by Chris Claremont
Luke Cage is my favorite Marvel Comics hero, with the mix of blaxploitation/police procedural and considerations for black people and poor people, it bounces off the page even if the writing is off sometimes. And I really like Iron Fist, Chris Claremont writing these stories about kung fu and weird moral codes from Japanese villains and stuff, it was a very good book.

So now they're randomly shoved together. And it's actually pretty good, for similar reasons. Chris Claremont does it best, but Mary Jo Duffy does a good job of mimicking Claremont's style, that sort of emotionally mushy thing where ghosts from people's pasts start killing people, or the villains just seem to have a chip on their shoulder that they're better people than Luke and Iron Fist.

It's got a lot of snippy pitter patter dialogue, cheesy to some, but it flows well. And there's no doubt that Luke Cage's iron skin, tank sized body, combined with Iron Fist's mastery of karate stuff and a fist that can explode at will are just plain cool for big combat scenes, and add a lot of layers for the writers and the artists to build battles out of.

This is simply an accessible and actually well written mix of costume beat em ups that Marvel Comics has been the master of since forever .5/5
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