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This Was Racing [PDF]

by Joe H. Palmer
Here are the best of the graceful, witty, wonderful pieces by Joe H. Palmer, who was, until his death October 31, 1952, America's best known racing writer, and in the opinion of many the best writer of sports anywhere.

Flinching under the resounding titles of "Racing Editor of the New York Herald Tribune" and "Columbia Broadcasting System's Turf Analyst," Joe Palmer insisted he was "no noted lover of the horse, but of a way of life of which the horse was once, and in a few favored places still is, a symbol—a way of charm and ease and grace and leisure. Grace and charm should perhaps not be tampered with at this late date but, at whatever risk of boasting, I am as good at ease and leisure as any man alive."

This Was Racing as Joe Palmer saw it: Horses like Man o' War, "as near to a living flame as horses ever get."...Places like Saratoga, which wears tradition lightly "because it is a graceful, irresponsible, gay tradition, and its ghosts are pheasant ghosts."...People like Lyin' Fitz, whose wooden-legged stable cat could catch mice with one hand and blackjack 'em with the other, and the minister's son who grew up in a church painted in the racing colors of its irreverent benefactor so what chance did a boy have?

Unlike most other writers on the subject, Mr. Palmer offered no system for beating the races nor any banal suggestion that "all men are equal on the turf or under it." A realist, he recognized the one as non-existent; a man of discriminating tastes, he rejected the other as undesirable.

Nor did he ever refer to a Sport of Kings. A sport of ladies and gentlemen and cheerful brigands and small, skillful boys was good enough for him.

That's why his book is not only for racing fans but also for ladies and gentlemen and brigands and boys, including those who would not recognize a horse with a milk wagon attached.
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