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The Secret Temple [PDF]

by Peter Levenda
What are the roots of American Freemasonry? What do Freemasons know and acknowledge about the history of their society?
What truth is there in the legends of Masonic origins in the fabled Knights Templar ... or the ancient Egyptian mysteries?

What is the Mason-Mormon connection?

Were Masons involved in the American Revolution and, if so, in what way?

Is it possible to unlock the secrets of the Masonic code?

Does America have a secret history?

Readers will come away from Peter Levenda's thorough and engagingly written book with many of the answers to these questions about Freemasonry, the fraternal organization that has risen from obscure roots to boasting a worldwide membership of more than 5 million people. Freemasonry is thus a large subject, and Levenda's study provides a history of the Society, highlighting important events, and including some of the more controversial and newsworthy aspects (rumors of satanic rites and nefarious plots) of an organization that boasted George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and so many other Founding Fathers as members Masonic elements to be found in Washington. This is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into the mysteries of, and answers behind, Freemasonry.
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