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Evolution [PDF]

by Michael Ruse
In this meaty tome (979 pages long!), the editors (Michael Ruse and Joseph Travis) present numerous articles written by renowned scientists on various aspects of modern evolutionary theory.Jeffrey Bada and Antonio Lazcano discuss developments in understanding the origin of life; Michael Benton discusses the evidence for evolution found in the fossil record; Francisco Ayala wrote an excellent summary of recent findings in molecular biology and the evidence for evolution.There are articles on human evolution, sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, the evolution of disease and "Darwinian medicine", issues of evolution and religion, and some historical background on American antievolutionism.

Following these feature articles is a lengthy "alphabetical section" (approximately 50% of the total page count), with relatively short articles on a large number of specific topics ranging from "chance and evolution" to "natural theology".This section also includes short biographies of many notable researchers, past and present, in the field of evolutionary biology.

My only criticism of this volume is that while some articles (such as Ayala's article on molecular evolution) are very well-written and interesting, many others are not so good (or at least not so interesting).I found myself skimming through quite a bit of the second part of the book.Indeed, the second part of the book would make a good general reference to evolutionary biology, but it isn't that interesting to read it linearly.

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