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Something Coming [PDF]

by J.M. DeBord
Meet King Antiochus, coming soon to an apocalypse near you.

When he died 21 centuries ago he never passed on; instead his spirit waited for resurrection. He's been preparing for his return. Watching humanity until its fruit ripened, ready to be harvested for the New Age.

That time is now.

To Christians, Antiochus defines Antichrist. He is the "abomination" Jesus warned about. The "little horn" of the prophet Daniel who needs no God other than himself. Yet he is also brilliant, supremely powerful, and capable of saving humanity. It's a recipe for Armageddon.

Along the way, meet Darianna, the beguiling queen of Antiochus reincarnated as the wife of an archaeologist, who discovers her King's secret burial place beneath Mt. Nemrut, Turkey.

Also meet Akbar, a local villager whose life is upended after learning that he lived before, long ago, but has a hard road ahead to finding out who he was.

Then meet Demetrius, leader of a worldwide movement for peace and enlightenment based from Nemrut, the sacred mountain.

Readers will meet more fascinating characters as they follow Antiochus from his first miraculous announcement to his Second Coming.

Call it New Age or end times fiction, supernatural thriller or paranormal fantasy – fans of many different genres will find something (and someone) to love in Something Coming, by J.M. DeBord!

Available on Kindle as two books: Something Coming Book One: The Sacred Mountain, and Book Two: The Second Coming of Antiochus.


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