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Strengthening Your Marriage [PDF]

by Wayne A. Mack
PRO: Talked about the big issues in marriage (the ones that cause divorces), has lots of verses to support his points.
CONS: If you've read the Bible or heard anything on marriage, you've pretty much heard 80% of the book already. Also, the questions you have to ask your partner are pretty lame and I've addressed most of them before we were engaged.

This book was required for Amanda and I to read by our per-marital counselor. It is good for a basic understanding of what the Bible says about marriage and how to deal with the big issues of marriage - roles, family, finances, communication, and sex. After listening to Mark Driscol, RC Sproul, P Joe, and reading the Bible, most of what's said here is repeated.

I liked the chapter on raising your children because I've never really looked into that yet. I read about 10% of the chapter on finances because I'm pretty good with my money and know how to handle it and know what the Bible says about it (as far as this book is concerned). One statement the book made was, "don't spend more than you make" and I was thinking, "REALLY?!?! they have to say that?"

If you're looking for a pre marital book, I'd look for another with better content and questions to ask your partner.
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Thank you! Great book!

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