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Conflict [PDF]

by Joyce Huggett
This is a helpful volume for anyone wanting to understand what conflict is, from a Christian perspective, with some helpful suggestions for resolution and moving forward. It begins with an overview of situations in the Bible where there was confict, emphasising that it's not always wrong: that conflict WILL happen when people have opposing viewpoints or experiences, or perhaps when they're tired or hungry. What matters is what we do with it.

I slightly skimmed this first part of the book as none of it was new to me, but found the majority both interesting and readable, even though I'm not currently in any real situations of conflict. Joyce Huggett was living in Cyprus when she wrote this, and describes some situations and anecdotes which felt very familiar to me.

Some might find her suggestions too prescriptive; when tempers are raised most people aren't going to sit down with paper and pencil and work through their deepest emotions together. But there are, nonetheless, some helpful suggestions which are relevant to those without faith as much as those who are believers.

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Thank you! Great book!

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