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What Was Asked of Us [PDF]

by Trish Wood
Roughly divided into four chapters (Winners and Losers, Bringing them America, Don't Look Away and Nor Fear the Dangers of the Day), this story lets the soldiers who fought in Iraq tell their story in their own words.

The interviewees are very expertly, led by questions, but the questions themselves aren't documented. This makes it all the more valuable, in my opinion, because it emphasis that these tales aren't just some stories, but memories, life-shaping impressions, that these soldiers were kind enough to share with us. Trish Wood has selected all sorts of people for her interviews - there are men who joined the army because everyone in their family did, others who were on drugs and at a dead-end in their life and needed a way out. There are anti-war soldiers, and others who are convinced that there were WMDs at some point. There are people who got bored by the daily routine of raiding houses, and others who admit that they love fighting, that they cannot imagine living their lives without that daily uncertainty and adrenaline.

The book never judges, not in the subtext (that would be the subtext hidden in those questions that aren't there), nor in the introductions to the book and the different chapters. It lets everyone tell their story, because every story is as valuable as the others.

And that's what this book is - valuable. I honestly feel that everyone, EVERYONE, should read this book. PLEASE read this book. No matter if you are an American or a European or you live on the Northpole - please read this book. I sure as hell don't care if you are pro-war (is there such a thing?) or anti-war (what does that even mean?) - you cannot deny that this war existed, still exists, and that too many people lost their life their. I think we owe it to them to hear their story.

From the many books I read on this subject,this is, without any doubt, the most important one.

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Thank you! Great book!

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