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A Choice of Enemies [PDF]

by George V. Higgins
George V. Higgins is best known for his novels about small-time crooks in and around Boston. Having read and enjoyed his first three books, I moved on to “A Choice of Enemies”.This novel is about political corruption at the highest levels of state government with Bernie Morgan, the Speaker of the House, at the center of the plotlines. Morgan, a onetime bouncer at a backwoods roadhouse, is a natural politician whose deals for state contracts to build various projects are under investigation. The large cast of characters include Morgan’s closest personal advisor; a construction company owner in over his head; a vindictive and possibly senile special prosecutor; ambitious attorneys and journalists; Morgan’s mistress and his in-laws.Higgins follows his usual stylistic method of gradually revealing information through long sections of dialogue both in terms of various characters’ backstories, especially Speaker Morgan.Reading these scenes requires patience and whether the reader can stick with it may depend in part on his or her interest in politics and corruption.For me, having grown up in Massachusetts and having worked in political campaigns in my youth, the subject matter was fascinating and I enjoy Higgins’s use of realistic dialogue.Bernie Morgan begins something of a charictured political boss with a dangerous, violent streak and a gluttonous attitude towards food and booze.But throughout the book, Morgan has dimensions added and personal history revealed.If he does not quite emerge as a lovable rogue like Frank Skeffington in “The Last Hurrah”, Morgan’s priorities and motivations become better understood. This is an impressive work that’s among Higgins’s best.
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