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The Warriors Three [PDF]

by Len Wein
There are two stories included in the Thor: Warriors Three premiere hardcover. As the title suggests, it is a collection that headlines the Warriors Three, the collective name for Fandrall, Hogun and Volstagg, who are usually part of the mighty Thor’s supporting cast. Their solitary adventures here attempt to prop them on their own feet and away from the Thunder God’s shadow.

The stories couldn’t be more different, as the two creative teams have dissimilar views of Warriors Three adventure. The first story, by Len Wein and John Buscema, have the trio on a bar hopping tour of New York City.The writer plays to comedic effect the contrast of an urban human city and the more mystical origins of the trio. They have a little misunderstanding regarding the customs of the city but still they stayed true to their nature, they couldn’t resist starting a bar fight in the city’s seediest dives, and rescuing the occasional damsel in distress. It is a story that has the charm of Crocodile Dundee.

The second story has the Three back in their element. It is a tale set in Asgard and it is beautifully drawn by Charles Vess. His ethereal line art suits the fantasy elements the writer evokes. The three heroes go on three separate quests to find a missing bridegroom who has been transformed into a goat. Going by this premise, one can see that the tale would have humor woven into it. It has the feel of a Disney movie, but with an edge fit for a young adult crowd.

These two tales may be separate stories, with different settings and sensibilities, but its shows that the Three, despite being gifted men at arms and seasoned warriors, have a soft spot in their hearts for a love story. The similarities in these two tales is that the Warriors Three are easily moved by any notion of a romantic quest, as they are quick to drawn their swords for adventure. The Three help two couples overcome the odd and bring them together, for true love is as valuable as precious gems.

This was an enjoyable read. Marvel did a great job in reprinting these stories again and this hardcover would add variety to any shelf.
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