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Transformers [PDF]

by Mike Johnson
A fun little romp that leads directly into the first episode of the Transformers Prime cartoon. This deepens a couple of moments between Arcee & Cliffjumper in that episode.

As for the graphic novel itself, well the multiple artists for such a short story really hurt it. E. J. Su's art in the first chapter is definitely a highlight, and none of the subsequent chapters reach that level, with the colors of the fourth chapter by Estudio Haus really not meshing and looking muddy compared to the cleaner look of the rest of the story.

The story itself is a typical comic introductory story written competently by Johnson, but it's inherently forgettable. I do like that the cartoon effectively incorporated the graphic novel into its canon during the second season.

If this wasn't Transformers, and I an irrational fanboy, I'd probably give it two stars. However, it is and I am, so it gets three.
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