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Rupert's Ambition [PDF]

by Unknown Author 263
Genre: Rags to riches
Summary: Rupert is the sole supporter of his widow mother and sickly sister. When he loses his job due to bad business, he doesn't know how he will support everyone, but he is willing to work hard and try. He helps a wealthy young man home from a drunken episode, and the man (Mr. Sylvester)rewards Rupert handsomely. He helps him find a good, steady job as a bell-boy; finds his mother employment as a housekeeper and stays good friends with Rupert. Rupert is a hardworking, honest young man who everyone likes unless they are evil men. Rupert's father used to be in business with a bad man, Mr. Lorimer, and almost everyone who Rupert helps has had troubles with Lorimer's bad business practices. At the hotel, Rupert saves a couple of rich westerner's from being swindled and he is rewarded. Rupert becomes close friends with Mr. Packard, a rich man from Colorado. Rupert also adopts a young boy whose father died of natural causes in the hotel where Rupert works. (What 16 year old boy would willingly adopt a young toddler? I wondered as well.) Mr. Packard invites Rupert to visit him in Colorado. He does so, enjoying himself immensely until one day when he is hunting in the wilderness and the guide he is with steals all of his money and leaves him alone. Rupert finds his way back to Mr. Packard and they all go to New York to help Rupert's mother who recently lost her job (her boss died). Rupert has some property in New York (another gift from wealthy benefactors) that garner a small fortune, so Rupert goes to school to become a business man and lives the rest of his days wealthy, well liked and handsome.
Response: This one was a little longer to get through than Brave and Bold but since it's Horatio Alger, there are a lot of similarities. Rupert has extraordinarily good luck. He is always polite to his elders and everyone that is good likes him. All he wants to do is to take care of those that he is responsible for. Because he is modest, he is blessed with a huge fortune. Again, it's a quick, easy read that is so funny and charming in its antiquity and simplicity.
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