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Quick Fit [PDF]

by Richard Bradley
Most Americans know they should exercise — but they don't. The number one reason? Lack of time. Now there's an answer: Quick Fit — a daily workout that takes just 15 minutes. And it's no sweat, literally! You don't need to change your clothes first, or even shower afterward.
Quick Fit takes no more time than a coffee break, yet it provides a complete workout: Ten minutes of aerobic activity; four minutes of strengthening exercises; one minute of stretches. This program is perfect for anyone with a hectic, demanding schedule. Can 15 minutes really make a difference? Yes, according to mounting research evidence. Quick Fit is safe — and it's effective.
This book provides everything you need to begin a more active lifestyle:
&#149 Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions, with simple self-tests to help you customize &#149 Exciting new information about the surprising benefits of brief workouts &#149 Innovative suggestions for getting started — and sticking with it &#149 Motivating quotes from men and women who are using Quick Fit successfully
If you wish you were fitter and trimmer, but can't find time to exercise, Quick Fit is for you!
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Thank you! Great book!

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