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Tina Barney Photos [PDF]

by Tina Barney
A cursory glance at Tina Barney's first monograph, Theater of Manners, finds a simpleset of family snapshots. A closer look, though, reveals that these color photographs, deeply saturated inlight and expertly reproduced, are in fact a carefully organized survey into the realm of familial and socialrelationships. The offhanded quality of the images is not accidental. Barney has a strong eye for the familytableau: children sprawled over the furniture in a formal parlor, shirtless and tan adult brothers tending thebarbecue, young cousins in matching double-breasted jackets, Aunt Shirley in a floral dress in the center ofa flower-wallpapered room. The reader is never quite sure just how posed the models are—everythingseems just a bit too perfect, but then that may be one of the points these photos aim to make. Barney grewup cosseted by a family of upper-middle-class Easterners, and it seems she turns her camera back on thatroseate world to discover the strains and strengths that form its foundation. This set of images is organizedloosely like a family album; as the pages turn, the reader is carried through the years. Babies becometeenagers, girls at the beach become young women in bridesmaids dresses. It becomes readily apparent thatBarney is a highly skilled artist and an excellent observer of the complex relationships we all share withthose we love.
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