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Lesbian Love - Volume 1 [PDF]

by Miranda Forbes
Lesbian Love is a collection of six stories featuring lip-smacking sapphic erotica. Stories include... The Black Lily by Elizabeth Coldwell: Notorious jewel thief, The Black Lily, is planning one last heist before she retires, and she has her sights on the jewelled chastity belt created by hot young artist Jasper Spence. She plans to lift the belt on the opening night of Spence's latest exhibition, but when she comes face to face with the submissive beauty chosen to model it, she finds the object of her desire changing rapidly... Suspicion by Beverly Langland: Dutiful wife Helen is suspicious of young Jodie, the latest in a plethora of assistants her sophisticated husband has employed. This time Helen is jealous. Of course, she blames Elvis. Without his constant badgering, she may have turned a blind eye as usual. Unable to compete with the beauty, she uses the only weapon in her armoury. She entices Jodie to her bedroom with the intention of humiliating and spanking the girl. Things go to plan. Too wellHelen can't believe how accepting the girl is. Then, too late to back out, Helen gradually discovers the truth... Snow Nymph by Sommer Marsden: Becca's been sent on a work trip to the stunning mountains of Colorado. Sadly she's saddled with the b-word. Budget. When she stumbles upon Robin, a captivating snow nymph who sets her heart beating fast and her mind thinking dirty, she's intrigued. Robin offers her a free go at the class she teaches, the lesson's on her. So, Becca finds herself at Robin's very revealing as in naked gathering that ends with a decided bang... Best of Three by Dee Jaye: Vicky is a thirty year old with two lovers - one a female, one a male. She is going to dump one of them because too much sex is affecting her work. She cannot decide which one. A girlfriend suggests she subjects them to a best of three' sex competition to help her decide. Vicky likes the idea. During one of the challenges she comes across an attractive girl worker in an art gallery and a strange picture which seems to have sexual powers. At one win each she suggests a threesome as the final test. Both lovers walk out on her. It is a combination of the art gallery worker and the picture that provides Vicky with a winning experience... Busy Lizzies and Chives by Antonia Adams: As childhood friends, Sue and Angela were very different, but powerfully drawn to each other. The girls are now grown up and when Angela comes back to visit, Sue finds nothing much has changed. When Angela offers her a sexy makeover, Sue agrees readily, but she has no idea that it will change her life for ever... Painted Nails and Puppy Dog Tails by Giselle Renarde: Claire is more snips and snails than painted nails, but she's willing to make an exception for the gorgeous girl who works in the salon down the street. Hell, she hasn't stopped thinking about her since that day their eyes first metThe only problem is that Claire gets too nervous even to say "Hi" when they pass on the sidewalk. It's going to take a bit of a ruse to make a connection. Will the salon girl freak out, or will Claire get the pedicure of a lifetime?...
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