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Summer's Child & Summer of Roses [PDF]

by Luanne Rice
I thought both of these books were good, especially the way they intertwined together, it almost made is seem as it was one book. I was glad everything worked out for Lily and Marisa in the end, the only part of the book that didn't make sense is how people would have believed Edward, that he was a wonderful husband, if more than one woman is afraid of him, and if a woman told people that her husband tried to kill her, then why wouldn't they believe her? Also, if Edward tried to kill Lily(Marisa) when she had just told him she was pregant, and she couldn't have been far along, why did she stay w/ him months after that, and why didn't he try again? I mean they were alone in their house together.. Why did she wait until she was eight months pregnant to run then? If I had been her, I would have run right after he tried. I also think there was no sense in her not having contact w/ her grandmother all those years, I would have found a way. I liked both books, and the story was good, and in the end Edward got what was coming to him, but if I had been Lily, I would have probably questioned why the man I was marrying did not have family, friends, someone to come to the wedding. and if he had told me on our wedding night about a woman he hit, I would have probably wanted to talk to the woman, find out what kind of man he was, and then had the marriage annulled once she told he what he was. I know she wouldn't have had Rose, or met Liam, so maybe what she went through was worth it, but I wouldn't have let him drive me from the only family I had for nine years, depriving me of their love and support.
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Thank you! Great book!

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