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Soldiers of Ice (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers, #7) [PDF]

by David Zeb Cook
I generally like David Cook's FR novels a good deal more than I did this one.

This one came across as rather ODTAA, which is not particularly a flaw in this type of sword-n-sorcery outing...but the event-driven plot here left little room for character development.That's problematic because the events themselves were the most prosaic type of kill-the-monster, get-the-treasure adventure fare.There's no tie-in to the broad and interesting geopolitics of the Forgotten Realms, so you're left at the end wondering why Cook bothered writing in that setting.

The whole point of the protagonist's story arc is that she's supposed to be a sadder but wiser figure by book's end.Sadder I'll grant, but wisdom is not evident.While setting about accomplishing her goals - sort of - she manages to kill off almost every person around her.This is supposed to be the good guy?

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Thank you! Great book!

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