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Friday the 13th [PDF]

by Paul A. Woods
After he is executed, the serial killer Wayne Sanchez - a.k.a. the Devil Boy, so-called for his penchant for carving pentagrams into his numerous victims - finds that Hell IS a bad place to be.The corner of the Underworld he has been consigned to is crowded with countless psychotics and perverts, all of which seem happy to take their boundless frustrations out on one another at a moment's notice.The only good thing that could be said about Hell is that Sanchez finally gets to meet one of his beloved idols, Jason Voorhees.Sanchez's other idol, the Big D itself, is noticeably absent.

Sanchez and Voorhees manage to bond and, before the boredom of eternal damnation can drive the former Devil Boy mad, Sanchez convinces Jason to lead a revolt to escape Hell.They are successful and, on Friday, January 13th, 2006, the damned souls of innumerable serial killers, rapists and perverts erupt from the once placid waters of Crystal Lake.

Okay, what can I say about Friday The 13th #2: Hell Lake that I haven't already said about each and every other Friday the 13th / Jason X tie-in novel published by Black Flame?

While the novel's central idea is certainly an interesting one brimming with potential, it does not marry all that well with the established Friday the 13th mythology.Also not helping is how Jason disappears for large chunks of the story and when he does appear, he does not behave all that much like Jason.

After starting off the story and getting the revolt of the damned underway, Wayne Sanchez also disappears from the story.He does not resurface until the end, when he and several other characters can have their "just desserts" moments of poetic justice.Why go to all the trouble of introducing and developing a strong character, only to have that character vanish and NOT interact with the protagonists?It makes for a weak and fragmented story.The various plot threads should come together into a tight little know of tension, not continue to slither off in opposite directions.

Then there is another, quite different problem with the story.Jason has routinely returned from the dead since Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Why does he need a go nowhere friendship with Wayne Sanchez to motivate him?Hell, the simple fact that there is a sex, drug and rock n' roll fueled rave being held on the shore of Crystal Lake on his birthday would be more than enough to get the murdering behemoth stomping back to his killing grounds.

Oh, and why is his mother absent?Shouldn't she also be in Hell, considering the body count she racked up?

Then there is the fact that this book just drags on and on and on...which brings me to my previous criticisms of these Black Flame tie-ins.They're just too damn long and overwritten.Paul A. Woods spends way too much time over developing characters and over describing details because there is a completely uncalled for 90,000 plus word count to be met.Yet again a potentially fun story (and this story could have been a Hell of a lot of action packed fun, all that was missing was a wise cracking demon, or two) is drug out to a maddening snapping point.This book not only over stays its welcome, it eventually dies from the morbid obesity of its excessive word count and then begins to rot.Eventually the only thing it managed to accomplish was to stink up my inner Reading Place.
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