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The Woman of Her Adversary's Desires (The Woman of the Billionaire's Dreams, #3) [PDF]

by Krista Lakes
"It would please me if you would gave me something that I have always wanted..."
Tracy had nothing but high hopes for the restaurant that she was opening with Mr. Paul Hayes, the billionaire whose dreams she could enter. But even with the billionaire's money backing her lofty goals, she finds herself having a tough time with everything that opening a restaurant entails. It's almost as if someone is deliberately sabotaging her.

"You know I would buy you anything you want, Tracy..."

In addition, she finds herself increasingly attracted to the new chef, Gordon Baxter. The sexual tension around the new business begins to start to tempt her.

"It's not always something that you can just go out and buy, my love..."

As if that weren't enough, she seems to have lost the ability to enter dreams, and her own dreams are becoming increasingly frightening.

"Then, what is it? You know that I will give you anything..."

When Tracy seems to lose control of everything in her life, will Mr. Hayes be there to catch her when she falls? Will Tracy be able to figure out who is meddling with her restaurant, and will the couple be able to stop them?

Just then, Gordon came back around the corner with a tart pan.
"Ready for desert?"
Tracy glanced over to Mr. Hayes. He nodded.
"Oh, yeah. I'm ready..."
[PDF] The Woman of Her Adversary's Desires (The Woman of the Billionaire's Dreams, #3) download

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Thank you! Great book!

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