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Story Telling; Story Showing [PDF]

by Shannon Donnelly
"You definitely added more tools to my writing toolbox...Thank you!" — Genene Valleau

"You gave valuable info regarding the use of telling and showing and now better understand when to use them in my writing." — Gerry Jove

Show, don't tell has become a cliché - but there’s truth as well as a caution.

Good stories need dramatic scenes, but they also need strong narrative passages to connect those scenes: a writer really needs both showing and telling skills.

Tips, tricks, and techniques to improve fiction narrative, identify when it's time to tell, and a set of exercises to make your scenes come to life.

1) Breaking it Down: What's showing and what's telling
2) Transitions and Word Count: Where telling really helps
3) Better Descriptions: Telling that a reader won't skip
4) Subtext: Showing underneath the surface
5) Showing More: Pulling a reader into a scene
6) Deep Viewpoint: Showing a character's inner world
7) Showing and Telling: Mixing it up
8) Writing to your Strengths
9) Summing it all Up
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Thank you! Great book!

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