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Then Comes Marriage [PDF]

by Kasey Michaels
The comic relief best friend plus a minor female character from Someone to Love get their own book. Unfortunately, while attempting to find out where the mysterious girl came from in the previous book, our intrepid hero poked his nose into places it didn't belong and suffers a murder attempt in this book because of it. Allowing society to believe he'd died, he transforms into a frivolous dandy, aided in his acting by the female lead with a convoluted past and some hilarious one-note traveling actors, to go undercover as his own heir and attempt to discover who'd wanted him dead and why. It was fun but lacking in some grounding in reality. It was a nice touch that the actress was genuinely an actress though and not the long lost daughter of nobility, as so often happens in these types of stories. I do wish the cheerful, gentle trickster types of characters would be allowed to stay more true to type when switching from a side character to a main character. This book did a better job maintaining some degree of his inherent hilarity than other books of this type, but it still seems to be a necessity that every romantic hero have an exaggeratedly angsty back-story, and that gets trite and tiresome.
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