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Honor [PDF]

by Kenneth Copeland
In my study of the Word of God, I discovered something very important about honor. Honor carries and is supported by the supernatural power of God. An honorable man may look like a lamb being led to the slaughter. He may look like he has just stuck out his chin for someone to hit. He appears this way because he lives by biblical teachings and principles. If we choose to do the honorable thing if we choose to live by the Word of God then the honor of God will hold us up. He has promised us that He will honor us when we honor Him. Kenneth Copeland. Honor Today, almost an entire generation has never experienced Gods honor and presence. Now we live in a dishonorable society because the concept of honor is not being passed on from parent to child. Many parents dont even know what it means to be honorable. What Does Honor Mean? This powerful and scriptural look at the biblical definition of honor will challenge you to live the honorable life and demonstrate that God has provided a way to live and succeed the honorable way.
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Thank you! Great book!

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