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The Holy Grail [PDF]

by Philip S. Berg
The Holy Grail is a mystical legend that dates back before Christianity. It is often described as a cup, dish, or bowl made of earth or wood. Some references describe it as the vessel of the Last Supper. Believed to have mystical and magical influences, the Holy Grail is widely known as possessing the ability to endow infinite knowledge and power upon the person who has earned the right to discover it through spiritual work.

Kabbalists explain the terms vessel and earth are code words that refer to humanity’s desire and ability to draw the radiance of the Creator into this physical world. The Zohar, which means “splendor,” is believed to contain the concealed Light of the Creator that has been saved for a meritorious generation to reveal it. The Zohar itself explains that our generation in the Age of Aquarius will be able to bring about the end of pain and suffering, but we will need the Light of the Zohar to banish the darkness and usher in a time of peace and goodwill for all.

In 1922, when Rav Ashlag opened The Kabbalah Centre, the Zohar was only available to a select few people in the entire world, after centuries of being hidden away. When Rav Berg was handed The Centre’s leadership in 1969, he risked everything to make this secret book available to anyone anywhere who had a desire to use it as a tool for spiritual transformation.

Here in this unique short form, Rav Berg explains what the kabbalists have said for centuries—the Zohar is the Holy Grail. In clear modern language he explains how the Zohar can empower anyone, with an open mind and an open heart, who studies from its pages to leap from the world where we experience ups and downs, good and evil, to a parallel universe in which all is good.
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