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The Cool Crowd (Sweet Valley Jr. High, #4) [PDF]

by Francine Pascal
Who are our friendly neighborhood narrators? Once again it's only Jessica, Elizabeth, Anna, and Salvador.

What’s the main gripe? Jessica wants to throw a party while their parents are out of town... but what will Liz and Steven say?

Individual Synopses: (They are all at one party, so I'm going to put it together.)
The parents are away, and Jessica wants to play. Actually, Miss Lila invites her to hang out, but Steven won't let Jess out on a school night. Instead of manipulation, Jessica tries a different tactic. She will make the party come to her. Genius! Before she has even cleared anything with Steven she brags to Lila that there will be an awesome party happening Saturday night at Casa Wakefield. Lila vows to bring the new "Double E's" as well as cute high school boy Roary. When Jessica bribes Steven she makes it sound like an all-girl's slumber party. Liz only invites Anna (a phone conversation with Maria Slater doesn't go over too well), assuming that Salvador wouldn't be welcome. Well... things quickly spiral out of control. Jess walks up to Lacey and Kristin to invite only Kristin, but Lacey invites herself (and all of Gel's annoying friends as well). Jess gets all excited about Lacey being there that almost doesn't invite Bethel, whom she just became "soulmates" with in the previous book. She always forgets so quickly that Lacey will never be charmed by a Wakefield.

It's almost the same old, same old in Elizabeth-land, only things have taken an interesting turn. It's full steam ahead on Liz, Anna, and Salvador's new magazine called "Zone." Anna submits a poem about her brother which Liz promises to put on the first page. Then Salvador shows Liz and Anna his new comic strip called "Wonder Girl." It's about a superhero girl named... Elspeth Warren. Anna is clearly clued in as to what the true meaning of the comic is, and she tells Salvador in no uncertain terms that it sucks and isn't ready for publication. Liz loves it, but she's so dense she doesn't know it's about her. Things have been getting tougher than usual at Anna's house, and Salvador comforts her and hugs her one night. Big mistake. She starts to get all misty-eyed and realizes that she wants him for herself. Like, as her full-time kissing partner instead of best friend. Salvador gives her a flower and a pink stuffed pig. His only intention is to cheer her up. But when he asks Anna how to tell his friend he likes her, Anna the dumbass clearly thinks he's talking about her. Jeez. Otherwise, Liz and Sal are STILL trying to put out of their minds just how much they like one another.

The party is off and running on Saturday. Old friends show up, such as Lila, Aaron Dallas, and —- Todd!! Salvador is more than a little crushed about this, but Liz isn't that excited when she notices how much of a jock Todd has become (wasn't he always that way)? He actually calls Liz "dude" as he greets her at the door. The ghosties just wanted to shit all over these characters. Once Lacey and Gel and all of their obnoxious hangers-on arrive, Steven quickly notices how out-of-control things have gotten. He obviously wants to strangle Jessica. But the longer the party continues, the more jaded Jess is becoming. Neither Lila nor Lacey want to stay and help her clean up. The only people acting like real friends are Bethel, Kristin, and Brian. I"m surprised that Jessica even knows what true friends are. I still don't think she does, because she always hops back into Lacey's lap so quickly.

Liz had actually had a personality implant and tried to hide the party from Steven. And - get this - JESSICA is the one that stops the party! At this point, Anna has discovered that the punch is spiked, and she is thoroughly disgusted with everyone since her brother was killed by a drunk driver only the year before. When Bethel asks her to go to Liz's room to get cups, Anna discovers a mock-up of the Zone's first issue with... Wonder Girl on the cover, instead of her poem about her dead brother. By this point Liz has figured out that Wonder Girl is about her. Anna is crushed and runs out of the house in a sad-sack fury. And what are Liz and Sal doing, you might ask? KISSING! FINALLY! They don't even talk about their feelings. They are in Steven's room searching for more music when Sal leans in to kiss Liz. And, of course, she reciprocates. I just wish Anna wasn't in the way of all of this, so they could actually properly date. Anna's such a n00b. Oh, and Liz finally finds out about Anna's dead brother.

To end, Jessica is stoked that Bethel, Kristin, and Brian hang around to help her clean up. She knows that they are true friends. We'll see how long that lasts.

Alternate Title
: "The Big Party Weekend, Take 2"

The Big Deal: Par-tay at the Wakefields, obviously!

Lingering Questions: Why is Anna Wang always such a buzzkill?

Cover: Good or Bad?: Awww, they're so cute. I remember loving this one when I was younger. I always liked the original Salvador a lot. They changed him on the cover of "He's the One." Ugh.

Quotes from the Book: "I like Elizabeth a lot, and I don't want her to think my mom is a bad person or something-she's just kind of... sad."
It's called depression! D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N.

"'I don't suppose you could chloroform Steven and lock him in the basement for the next few hours?' I asked."
That joke won't be so funny to you in high school, Liz.

Final Rating: Two stars. Not bad. More entertaining than the Sweet Valley Twins I've been reading lately.
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