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Mirror, Mirror on Her Wall (Book 2) [PDF]

by Becki Willis
… The forgotten envelope was like the proverbial can of worms… now that she had opened it, she knew the past would come crawling out, one slimy piece at a time….

Kenzie Reese has spent the past eight years trying to forget her past. Now the Mafia is looking for her father, and think kidnapping Kenzie will bring him out of hiding. Little do they know what a dysfunctional family she comes from! After a miserable and lonely childhood - lived on the run in a dozen towns across the country, using a dozen different names – Kenzie has made a new life for herself that does not include her parents.

A mysterious key and the forgotten envelope, full of coded clues, forces Kenzie to remember the painful puzzle of her past. Each discovery leads to more questions and more changes… and Kenzie hates changes!

Now is definitely not the time to be falling in love, especially with straight-laced Travis Merka. She and the Texas Ranger have nothing in common. The only positive thing to come of this entire fiasco is learning she has a sister. That, alone, makes her journey into the past worth the price of remembering.

At times funny, at times heart breaking, this emotion-packed story is Book 2 in the Mirrors Don’t Lie series.
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Thank you! Great book!

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