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DREAM WEAVER & ROCK STAR 2 Book Combo Deal - Dream Weaver Trilogy (Dream Weaver Novels 4) [PDF]

by Su Williams
Dream Weaver Novels is offering a special price on a combo deal of the first two books in the Dream Weaver Series. But from Jan. 5-7 these 2in1 full length novels will be FREE on Amazon Kindle. AND the final book Breaking Normal is also FREE! http://amzn.com/B00MHS77ZO Get your copies now!

This combo includes:
Vampires sparkled through the spotlight. Then the zombies shambled through. Now it’s time for a new supernatural.

Dream Weaver is a dark paranormal fiction novel of mind-benders & mind-jackers for young adult, new adult and adult lovers of science fiction and fantasy. It's the story of 17 year old Emari Sweet, who barely lives through some very dark days, and even darker thoughts, after her parents are killed in car wreck and she survives a violent assault. Night terrors rip her from sleep each time she closes her eyes and she begins to wonder if 'ending it' is the only relief she can attain. But Dream Weaver, Nickolas Benedetti hovers just outside the penumbra of light that surrounds her little cottage in the woods. And he will do anything to save her...as long as she never knows he exists. Nick works his magic on Em, reweaving her nightmares and soothing her soul, but can he keep his presence hidden from her? And will he be able to protect her from the real life nightmares that have followed him to her doorstep?
Dream Weaver is a story of survival through the darkest of times, and just won its first award, the bronze medal in the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards.
Dark science fiction meets YA/teen romance with a little tragic style and a touch of urban fantasy. An absolute must read! A deep and wild, dark novel!
The story of Emari Sweet continues in this 5 star Readers' Favorite! Em lives the life of a rocker babe in an elaborate memory weave created by Dream Weaver, Sabre James.
This time, Emari's not the one with nightmares. Thomas is back, and ravages Nick's dreams with unspeakable torments that tear his heart in two and drive a wedge between him and this mortal girl he has grown to love. And Thomas has brought an old friend...a long-time nemesis, William, who has stalked Sabre through the decades in vengeance for the death of his beloved sister at Sabre's hands. William will stop at nothing to avenge his sister, and will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Em's life hangs in the balance…and her mortality is, literally, in Sabre’s hands.
Secrets abound in this second book in the Dream Weaver trilogy. Rock Star has been called 'a solid gold hit!'...captivating pseudo-scientific...Inception-esque...and 'William's writing style is a lot stronger than many in the YA genre.' Like Dream Weaver, Rock Star has that dark, ethereal feel and the precarious love story readers have grown to appreciate.

All three ebooks in 1 for $2.99 http://amzn.com/B00OW976W0 

BREAKING NORMAL, the final book in the 5 Star rated Dream Weaver Novels series by Su Williams, is now available in paperback and ebooks on Kindle!

Does 'normal' even exist for Emari Sweet anymore? Normal is all she's wanted since the death of her parents. But with the Wraith, Thomas, out for her blood, and Nick's duplicity, Em doesn't see normal returning any time soon. Making use of her new found powers, she works with Spokane Police to uncover evidence in ‘cold cases’ and memoryprint clues for current ones. But is she putting the entire Caphar race at jeopardy by her choices? Will her relationship with Nick survive his lie and her rage? And will any of them survive the destruction of the malevolent Nightmare Wraith?

Dream Weaver is a story inspired by authors of great books to read for girls and women like Richelle Mead, Stephenie Meyer, Lisa McMann and Maggie Stiefvater.
[PDF] DREAM WEAVER & ROCK STAR 2 Book Combo Deal - Dream Weaver Trilogy (Dream Weaver Novels 4) download

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