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日本語が亡びるとき―英語の世紀の中で [Nihongo ga horobiru toki [PDF]

by Minae Mizumura
It's a provocative and controversial approach regarding demise of Japanese Language in the age of English domination as 'universal language'. I'm assuming people who have read this book have many things to say. I understand there are many criticisms, but I think still the book is really worth reading. I like her honesty to take clear position, combining (as she clearly repeats) emotion and her observations/analysis.

Obviously thought provoking book, and made me think to read Benedict Anderson again as well as other related books such as Karatani Kojin, etc...

Maybe we shouldn't even think it as a regular scholarly or linguistic academic book. This is in a way similar to her autobiographical novel, From Left to Right. Her personal experiences and struggle with is another point many people could share. This aspect is equally crucial and made the book even better.

There are arguments I'm not agreeing, but I felt many criticisms I've seen missed the whole point of this book, and also not agreeing with her arguments shouldn't or doesn't need to be a reason to give lower ratings.

Still, I could see some typical and atypical elitism in her perspectives and maybe some arrogance (or maybe internalized over self-confidence). Thus, there is a clear 'class' line she unconsciously draws.

Nevertheless, I believe that it provokes many constructive criticisms ( like the one published in a Japanese literally criticism magazine, Eureka).

At least, it was fun reading this book.
[PDF] 日本語が亡びるとき―英語の世紀の中で [Nihongo ga horobiru toki download

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