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The Haunting (House on Cherry Street, #1) [PDF]

by Rodman Philbrick
This is another book I bought from this bookstore that I love.I noticed that it's written by Rodman Philbrick, and I was like: "He's written things that aren't awful, right?"This wasn't awful, by any means, but it was kind of lackluster.Honestly, my favorite part was that one of the secondary characters is wearing a Stephen King t-shirt.The story itself seemed kind of formulaic; each chapter ends with this really dramatic cliff-hanger, which ends up being something really benign.Something genuinely scary happens during the course of each chapter, but the cliff-hangers loose their potency because you know they're not going to amount to anything.The action picks up towards the end, and the book does become quite a page-turner...but I thought that Philbrick revealed too many details about the physical characteristics of the malevolent spirit.Ghosts are often scarier when you can't quite see what's going on.Additionally, the physical characteristics that Philbrick assigned to the scary ghost were really unimaginative.So it's a skeleton in a hooded robe - big effing deal!!So my overall impression is: I probably would have really liked this book as a kid, but as an adult, the only feeling I seem able to muster is criticism for its shortcomings.Probably not going to read the rest of the trilogy.

PS — I have to say, though, that I love the cheesy tagline for this book: "A great place to raise children...FROM THE DEAD."The caps are mine, but CLEARLY this is the CORRECT way to write the tagline.Much more melodramatic.
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Thank you! Great book!

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