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When In Doubt, Don't! [PDF]

by Nancy Cole Silverman
The story takes place in Southern California in the late 90’s when Carol Childs a young single woman working for a talk radio station unknowingly leases her home to a group of rightwing separatists so that she can move closer to her work.

She soon discovers her tenant is involved with a group of people planning to overthrow the government and that her home is now headquarters for a group of radical patriots who call themselves Sovereigns.

Due to some bad advice she got from a questionable real estate agent the title to the property is now in both in her name and that of the Sovereigns.Nobody believes she is innocent, least of all, Agent Langdon, the handsome FBI agent who she must convince in order to win back her home.

On her own to expose the Sovereign’s treachery she uses the only firepower she knows, talk radio.She unleashes a media storm that convinces the FBI she is not involved and that they need her on their side to bring about a peaceful solution.

Sex, violence and the threat of losing her career, home and family make for a fast read and a glimpse into the world of America’s homegrown terrorist movement.
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Thank you! Great book!

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