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Les Iles Glorieuses, Tome [PDF]

by Glenda Larke
I admired Ms. Larke's ability to craft a good fantasy novel is her pervious book The Aware.Yet this addition to the series, chronicling the further adventures of Blaze Halfbreed, did not match my expectations despite my wanting to enjoy it.

The skill with which to first book was written was what drew me in initially. Many fantasy novels spend too much time detailing “this is how this land works and why” rather than telling readers “these things matter, because it causes this character to…”. Ms. Larke focused on the characters and constructed around them a world that would bring them into the conflict. In doing so, her book becomes a story rather than a novel. The writing was smooth, never troubled by tricky sentences or grammatical errors, yet it was not overly simple either.

I confess that is was for the appeal of the characters that I picked up this sequel. So many fantasy stories have a fantasy stereotype cropping up somewhere, but all of Ms. Larke’s were completely original. Refreshingly, all of the plot conflicts are a direct result of their personal choices in life: Blaze, a half-breed, choices to defy prejudice; Flame turns away from a royal life to embrace freedom, Tor tempers his inner ferocity with his faith in God…but this time the new character, Gilfeather, lacks the same spark. I felt that his utopian culture is too unrealistic, and that he himself never when under true development, merely, he was exposed to more outlandish situations. I also missed hearing the story told from Blaze’s point of view.The antagonist, a “ruthless dunmagicker” also shed some of his appeal on closer examination, and I much preferred him when he was a sinister presence as opposed to a person.

As for the plot…well, I’m not sure where Ms. Larke was taking me. Because I was hearing the story from Gilfeather’s perspective, I was shuffled from the main conflict and became an observer rather than an active part of the interesting parts, (i.e. what Blaze and co. were up to). The new islands seemed designed to prop up the plot rather than begin scenery, although I will salute their creativity.

Final Word: A disappointing sequel, but not a bad read. The originality and returning characters kept it afloat, and I’ll still pick up the concluding novel.
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