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Cabbages For King [PDF]

by Adrian Plass
Plass compares himself to a greengrocer, offering his produce - in this case short anecdotes, poems, plays and more - to God.

There are four overall sections to this book: Telling the Truth, Strength and Vulnerability, You, me and us, Redundant Rituals and Flimsy Fashions. As ever, Plass manages to dig into his own insecurities and concerns, expressed honestly and openly, and produces some very thought-provoking writing. There's gentle humour here and there, although not the laugh-aloud hilarity of the 'Sacred Diary' trilogy; satire, some of it a bit silly, and much to ponder.

I was particularly struck, on re-reading, with the idea of 'positive graffiti' - perhaps more commonly known in the Christian world as grace.Plass gives examples of three times that stuck in his memory when, basically, someone was unexpectedly nice to him.

It's not the profoundest of writing, not something to read at one sitting, and not necessarily even a good introduction to this author. Nor is it really of relevance to those who are not believers. But for those of us who enjoy Adrian Plass's books, and consider ourselves his brothers or sisters, well worth reading (over a few days) every few years.

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Thank you! Great book!

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