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Gundam Wing #1 [PDF]

by Hajime Yatate
I haven't read this manga since the heyday of the Gundam Wing anime fandom, so it's fun looking at it now, years and years later. It has been an amusing and, at times, gut-busting reminiscing read.

On one hand, I learned more about the actual plot of the entire series from the first few pages of this book than from the whole anime. Although, to be fair, I don't know anyone who actually watched the anime for its plot. It was always all about the characters—and unfortunately they are even more one dimensional in this volume than they are in the anime.

The manga is unintentionally hilarious in many places thanks to clunky dialogue, really flat art, awful characterizations and corresponding terrible conversations. That said, it still sadly makes a little more sense than the convoluted anime plot, but it's full of plot holes, awkward time skips and strange art perspectives. The story is too fast, the pacing is bad and the art isn't attractive. To top it off, the US translation is flipped to read left to right, some of the translation is questionable, the fonts are weird and there are spelling and editing errors.

Overall, this isn't a great manga and is such a stripped down version of the anime that its characters are barely recognizable. BUT, it's good for my nostalgia of a different time in anime fandom and it contains what is now one of my favorite manga lines ever. I'm still cackling over Relena screaming at Heero and Duo as they fight in their Gundams, right after Heero tried to kill her. She shrieks at the battling Gundams, "Stop it, you two! Kids aren't supposed to fight with MS!" And that would have ended the series in the first episode. Thank goodness no one listens to Relena!
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