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127 Hours [PDF]

by Danny Boyle
I liked his writing, and even his egotistical perspective.I loved reading about his journeys, and alternating between irritation with his decisions and fascination with his unbounded sense of adventure.He's cocky, rough around the edges, and not looking for a future.He doesn't blame anyone but himself for his accident.

This book also drove me crazy.I was suddenly unsatisfied with my life and itching to explore the world, climb mountains, and do something physically exhausting every day.But you have to be a single person with no real responsibilities to completely throw the hat in on everyday life.Now that there's a few months between me and this book, I'm much happier with my daily runs and weekly beach/hike/water sport outings, with the occasional spectacular adventure.I'm back to being completely enamored with my children and willing to hang out all afternoon at "Baby Beach."

Best Quotes:

"That boulder did what it was there to do. Boulders fall. That’s their nature. It did the only natural thing it could do. It was set up, but it was waiting for you. Without you coming along and pulling it, it would still be stuck where it had been for who knows how long. You did this, Aron."

"Like looking through a telescope into the Milky Way and wondering if we're alone in the universe, it made me realize with the glaring clarity of desert light how scarce and delicate life is, how insignificant we are compared with the forces of nature and the dimensions of space. (...) We are not grand because we are at the top of the food chain or because we can alter our environment - the environment will outlast us with its unfathomable forces and unyielding powers. But rather than be bound and defeated by our insignificance, we are bold because we exercise our will anyway, despite the ephemeral and delicate presence we have in this desert, on this planet, in this universe."

"Saying farewell is also a bold and powerful beginning."
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Thank you! Great book!

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