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Victory of Coins (The Judas Chronicles, #7) [PDF]

by Aiden James
In the FINAL CHAPTER of the Judas Chronicles, William Barrow (aka Judas Iscariot) is faced with one of the most important decisions of his two thousand year stay on Earth.... Should he leave well enough alone and seek a quiet retirement, having retrieved the first twenty-eight of the original thirty coins of silver paid to him for betraying Jesus Christ? Or should he press on to recover the last two shekels, and find out if it is enough to redeem his soul before Almighty God?

The temptation to delay the inevitable is quite alluring—especially since it comes with the promise of a 'new' life with Beatrice—one that includes Roderick, Amy, Cedric, and Jeremy as they build a meaningful existence after the tragedy in New Orleans sixteen months earlier. The potential of decades—or even centuries—of unfettered happiness is quite real, given the perpetual youth they all enjoy. But after Viktor Kaslow returns to William's world, the permanence of such a blissful existence becomes precarious at best.

Kaslow, now the ruler of an ancient demonic realm, relies on the ultimate wickedness to force William back into the coin collecting game. Tragedy again serves as a catalyst that fuels a grueling race across four continents to track down the 'capstone' of the collection: The Damascus Coin. To reach this ultimate prize, William and his companions must survive a host of new deadly obstacles.

A society of immortals watch with keen interest from the sidelines, as the ruthless Russian and forlorn Disciple of Christ square off for the last time. Will the joy of salvation or eternal damnation await William, long hated as Judas? It all depends on what transpires in Victory of Coins....
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