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Warriors Dont Cry [PDF]

by Ian Campbell
Warriors don't cry is a serious and eye opening novel detailing the year the little rock nine integrated central high school in little rock Arkansas.It is a truly inspiring story of courage and determination and the nine students go to school each day and are relentlessly are called names and harassed both with words and actions.It shows those days in detail and brings light on racism and segregation in the 1950's.

This story was both serious and spectacular. It opened my eyes to the racism and segregation going on just 60 years ago.It amazed me that those students would go to school each and every day and get hurt physically and mentally, but they would go back the next day.The courage and determination that took was very inspiring.The book was also writtenvery well through the eyes of a young Melba Patillo.I would definitely recommend it to anybody.It was a fantastic book that shed light on some of America's less proud times, and it was a great read.
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Thank you! Great book!

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