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Baby Talk [PDF]

by Dawn Sirett
At Natalie's 6 month doctor's appointment, we got a pleasant surprise: a second book present!This book is published by the same people who made Smile!.This book also has photos of real babies, but this one has both close ups of faces and full body pictures.This book is a lift the flap book and the flaps are the size of the page.On the left will be the full picture of the baby and the right describes in a sentence.When the flap is lifted, you see a close up of the baby's face and a baby talk word that corresponds.For example, you see a baby playing, the sentence describes the baby as being happy, and the word shown under the flap is "hee hee."It is a cute book, with good pictures, nice colors, and easy flaps for a baby to manipulate.

It took a while, but this book has become a favorite of Natalie's.She came to know all the flaps and pictures well.This book has shown us a lot about Natalie.For a while, when Mumma was the big word, she would say Mumma at the mama page.Now, she usually still says Mmmm at the yum page.Her latest interaction with this book is to kiss the crying baby.She started doing it without any prompting, but I'm sure she keeps it up partly because of our reaction.Sometimes the sleeping baby gets a kiss, too.

At the book store I came across a big version of this book (ISBN 97806756668945), but I can't find it here.It was the same book except for two pictures and cover.The size made the baby close ups a little larger than life.
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