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Joan Crawford [PDF]

by Fred Lawrence Guiles
I like this the best of the five Crawford biographies I've read, though it remains a close tie rating any one higher than the others. Inescapably, many details are rehashed across all of them. If I were recommending which ones to include in your coverage (there are so many), this would make the top of my list.

Joan became such a contentious biographical topic in the aftermath of Mommie Dearest that her apologists closed ranks and, understandably, became hyper-defensive, rallying to restore her good name - to such an extent that they sounded at times to collectively lose objectivity.

That's fine, any intelligent reader can see past this, we feel the passion of the authors which makes for good reading in itself.

I like to make my own mind up about the subjects of biographies and usually can.

That Joan Crawford was no saint becomes clear enough after covering a few biographies, that she was no monster either is also clear. She was a fascinating woman and a great, great star.
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