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The Eunuch's Heir [PDF]

by Elaine Isaak
Wolfram duRhys can never live up to his father’s legend, his mother’s expectations, or the role of crown prince.

When someone tries to kill him, he flees. Trying to keep the demon within him at bay.

He sets out on an unplanned journey, with a cousin he doesn’t trust, into a kingdom supposedly at war. What he finds is a river with no water. A temple to the stars. And a princess. More hazardous than even the demon within.

The Eunuch’s Heir, Elaine Isaac’s sequel to The Singer’s Crown, is a wild, haphazard journey with a hundred threads, all hanging in suspense for the final 150 pages of unraveling. Plenty of action, fantasy-world development, and danger. And more than one encounter with a ferocious wild cat. But I especially appreciated the relationship between Wolfram and his father.

Note: The Eunuch’s Heir features a separate main character and a different generation than The Singer’s Crown, but I would recommend reading The Singer’s Crown first, both because it is a good read and because it lays much of the groundwork for the second novel.
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