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Time Spiral (Magic: The Gathering: Time Spiral Cycle, #1) [PDF]

by Scott McGough
Time is Running Out!

The planeswalker Teferi at last returns to his home planeonly to find it devastated and barren. Time itself is fracturing, and it’s up toTeferi and his companions to find a way to halt the collapse.It won’t be easy whenhis allies are poised to turn against him.

About the Author

Scott McGough recentlymoved to farm country and can now compare the urban, suburban, and agrarian lifestyles.Not surprisingly, his first choice hasn’t changed since childhood: all things beingequal, he’d rather be down the shore.Scott worked on The Duelist magazine beforejoining the Creative Team for MAGIC: THE GATHERING®. He worked on almost all theUrza/Phyrexia saga and has since written eight novels and a handful of short storiesfor MAGIC: THE GATHERING. All this, and yet he has only ever appeared on one Magiccard. Though he finds this burden bitter and onerous, he will at least admit thatthat it’s a really good picture.
[PDF] Time Spiral (Magic: The Gathering: Time Spiral Cycle, #1) download

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PublisherWizards of the Coast
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Release date 01.09.2006
Pages count320
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Thank you! Great book!

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