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Paradox [PDF]

by Rosemary Laurey
In FLY WITH A DRAGON, selected as the virgin sacrifice to the ravening dragon, Myfanwy waits as Arragh, the Dragon of Cader Bala, approaches across the sacred grove. But Arragh comes not to destroy, but to carry her off to his home and fate, far, far better than death.

In HEART OF THE RAVEN, Dani is a young woman who is sold into slavery to an Overseer of the Realm. As she is taken from the only family she's ever known, Dani makes the decision that no man, Overseer or not, could possess her heart. Little does she know that he holds the key to her heart, as she does his.

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1. Persia Emily | 06.06.2018 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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