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Really liked this one, by Donna Vorreyer, whose work I have been following in her blogs.She had a blog that offered poems in process and now has a new one at wordpress with prompts and encouragements for other poets, and she and I are also active at Voice Alpha, a website about reading poems aloud, especially work by others, the brain-and-heartchild of Nic Sebastian.

OK, so to the book!(Which I have also blogged about, with an excerpt + my own quirkiness.)

This is a chapbook in 3 clear sections: Womb, Seed, Fruit.They tell a clear story about not being able to conceive a child, but having a child!And I think that's not a spoiler, as the titles in the table of contents would clue you in right away!

The poems also touch on many other things and go other places.Donna is an amazing traveler, too, and there's a hint of that in this book, but I'm sure another book might go all over the world, and I appreciate the focus of this one.

The focus of the opening poem, too, is remarkable and relentless,and in that sort of "pre-poem" spot before Womb begins.It's called "Invincible" and reminds us we are not.

You can get this in the Bookstore at Finishing Line Press.The press is currently renegotiating with Amazon, so it says it's currently unavailable there, so go to the FLP website to order online, or send $15 ($14 + $1 shipping) to their mailing address, saying what you want.

Gorgeous purple flower on cover, and my copy has shimmery gray inside-of-a-shell endpapers.
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Thank you! Great book!

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