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Jamie Anderson Wouldn't.. [PDF]

by Carol Meredith
One morning, Jamie Anderson finds he has a mysterious aversion to getting out of bed. His father is far away, driving his ice cream truck. Jamie's mother is sympathetic and gives him ice cream he asks for every day, but the situation is a little puzzling to them both. Jamie has no temperature, yet doesn't get any better. The doctor is called in and finds nothing wrong. The week progresses and Jamie continues to eat his ice cream, draw pictures and play with his cat and his racing cars.Then his dad arrives home, and Jamie finds himself able to articulate his troubles. It turns out that he's feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of starting kindergarten the following week.

Dad, with great fellow-feeling, climbs right into bed, jeans and all, and gratefully accepts a bowl of purple ice cream from his son. When he suggests reassuringly that he and Mom both take Jamie to school on the first day of kindergarten, Jamie's answer is "Yes Oh, yes " — and we suspect that this little boy will be bouncing out of bed as usual.

The bond between father and son, and a child's step into a bigger world with its greater expectations, are themes handled with lively insight and humor by author Carol Meredith, while Lorrie Szekat's whimsical illustrations take us right into Jamie's little and too-big world.
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Thank you! Great book!

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