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Tigers of the Sea [PDF]

by Robert E. Howard
Four fantastic tales of vikings, piracy and violence in the classic Howard vein.These stories are set in Britain after the fall of the Roman empire.Cormac is a hero in the same line as many of Howard's characters, including Kull, Bran Mak Morn and Conan.He's not nearly as developed as Kull or Conan, little information is given about his past, but his great feats of cunning and combat make for an exciting read.

Richard L. Tierney, in his introduction, reveals that two of the stories were unfinished when the manuscripts were found.He went ahead and wrote 700 words to finish off "The Temple Of Abomination" and a whopping 5,200 words to finish "Tigers Of The Sea."Something about this practice rubs me the wrong way, though I can understand the need to provide finished stories for publication.I will say that one of the greatest pleasures for me, so far as reading Howard goes, was getting my hands on the Del Rey volumes in which his work is presented without the meddling hands of posthumous editors.It's not that Tierney's contributions are drastically different, it's just that Howard's fans, including this one, want to read Howard's writing, not someone's idea of what it was supposed to be.

Also, Tierney makes note of why he chose to present the stories in the order he did.One reference is to the viking longship, the Raven, that Cormac and crew sale around in seeking adventure.The thing is, they have the Raven in the first story ("Tigers Of The Sea") then end up acquiring the Raven in the third story ("The Night Of The Wolf").Am I missing something?

Ultimately, none of this robs from the quality of the stories.Howard's ability to create thrilling, fast paced action packed tales of great heroism is unequaled.
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