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Wishing Your Life Away [PDF]

by William Baker
In this collection I've included some longer pieces, a novella and a nearly-novella. Come in and meet a few more of my characters and see how they cope with what their lives throw at them. Trudy is first up. She has little luck with wishes, but occasionally fate decides to take a hand and helps her get it right. Frank is next. Do you do what he does? Weave his own world by dreaming of lives of his own choosing for the strangers he meets at the bus stop? And Ronnie - Ronnie McNorrie, born with a rare and precious gift that blights his formative years. If you were a ghost and wanted justice against the people who had killed you who would you turn to? Meet Gerry Carrow, a retired copper, who may not have seen much action in the force, but certainly makes up for it in his retirement, when he finds his cynical hard-nosed shell is no great defence against bizarre visitations from one ghost seeking justice. Forget Invaders from Mars. Forget Zombies. Forget Ebola and Aids. What is really gong to bring this world crashing down on us is the (not so) humble bacterium. We are running out of useable antibiotics rapidly, and there are very few new ones in the pipeline. Come in and look at a too-near future and find out how one young man copes with a life without antibiotics. My last story is a sampler - the first chapter of a crime thriller I'm trying to edit when I get my second wind. It's about DC John Barleycorn, who like his namesake in the traditional folksong 'Must Die.' He is up against smugglers, gypsy criminal gangs and militants and a ruthless misfit assassination squad sent to 'take hi out.'
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Thank you! Great book!

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