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The Self-Dismembered Man [PDF]

by Guillaume Apollinaire
the parts of this which i liked, where ravishingly great, and that was really a decent chunk of it.however, the parts which i didn't like where clumsy and eerily sentimental or broadly mystical.
i liked the concretely improbable juxtapositions which makes apollinaire close to a surrealist, yet just restrained and sensical enough to make him close to a modernist.these passages had a lot of flare and were downright entertaining.i personally didn't like how he compared war to a beautiful time of life, i find that pretty eerie, but hell, i haven't fought in a war and apollinaire did, so perhaps who am i to criticize.also, he might have been using these devices as more rhetorical or ironic and i am just too serious to catch it and in other poems he gets closer to revealing the maladies of this phenomenon.
also, i wasn't really feeling his more appeals to the eternal or soul.however, when he goes for a more subtle approach it really resonated with me as to how less obvious things could be eternal.
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Thank you! Great book!

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