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Beating the Dow with Bonds [PDF]

by Michael B. O'Higgins
In 1991, Michael B. O'Higgins, one of the nation's top money managers, revolutionized the investment industry by asserting that investors could beat the pros 95 percent of the time by putting 100 percent of their money into the "dog" stocks of the Dow. His book, Beating the Dow, became a bestselling investment classic and spawned an industry of websites and mutual funds, elevating the theory to legendary status.

Now, with equities dangerously overvalued and stock prices at an all-time high, O'Higgins turns his attention to bonds, providing a proven system for achieving the lowest risk, highest returns in a chaotic stock market—requiring less than five minutes per year and helping you beat the pros 95 percent of the time, regardless of market conditions. Utilizing a simple, proven method for mastering the market by determining the best investment choices, Beating the Dow with Bonds evaluates companies and bond ratings, to help you achieve the highest risk-adjusted returns. For investors with as little as $5,000, Beating the Dow with Bonds provides a safer, more reliable opportunity to beat the Dow not just in today's market—but in any market.


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Thank you! Great book!

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