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Vegas Bites, Vegas Bites Back, Vegas Bites [PDF]

by Natalie Dunbar
For the first time, all three Vegas Bites books (twelve novellas) in one volume in ebook format including a sneak preview of Vegas Bites Four: From Vegas with Love.

What howls in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Welcome to the French Quarter, Sin City's premier casino, where the high rollers are vampires, the sexy showgirls are werewolves, and the lounge magician is a djinn. Where a hot hell hound meets a cool werewolf and were-jaguar meets her mate.

Beneath the sexy, sassy, smoldering action, danger lurks and Lady Love reigns supreme. Below the glittering, glitzy Las Vegas front lies a struggle for life, death, and dominance of the most powerful werewolf pack in North America.

Explore this high roller fantasy world of feuding werewolf packs, high-stakes thieves, a sexy djinn, and a mystical medallion, a hell hound and a were-jaguar.

But baby it's only Vegas.

Heat by L. A. Banks

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Out of the Dark by Natalie Dunbar

Channeling Moonlight by Seressia Glass

Passion’s Blood by Monique Lamont

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The Nature of the Beast by J.M. Jeffries

Sneak Peek — Vegas Bites 4: From Vegas With Love by J.M. Jeffries
[PDF] Vegas Bites, Vegas Bites Back, Vegas Bites download

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Thank you! Great book!

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