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Turned Out Nice Again [PDF]

by Richard Mabey
This intriguing and affectionate look at the weather made me think of the varied weather we experience in the UK in a somewhat different manner.The author looks briefly at the way the weather affects how we feel – dark days make us feel quiet and depressed, sunny days cheer us up and strong winds make some people feel on edge.

The weather has a huge effect on our daily lives and it is something we all talk about.A comment on the weather is often the first thing we say to people after we say hello.It is because our weather is so varied that we find it such a common topic of conversation.Our memory of weather events which we personally witnessed tends to be selective.For example many people remember the hot summer of 1976 but far fewer remember the equally hot summer of 1975.

The author quotes from various diarists such as Francis Kilvert and Gilbert White who both made a point of mentioning the weather in their work.I enjoyed reading this little book which is written in an easy and entertaining style and it reminded me that we often confuse weather with climate.I also learned of a phenomenon which I have never seen or heard of before – moon rainbows.I shall now be looking out for them if there is bright moonlight and rain showers – an uncommon combination.
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