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Guerrilla Marketing for Writers [PDF]

by Jay Conrad Levinson
This book was published in 2001. I saw it on the shelf at the library and decided to check it out to see how much things had changed since then. My interest in book marketing and publicity is mostly theoretical and I work in public relations so I found much of it boring or lame or over-stated. But on the whole, I think the authors' basic points about how wannabe authors should approach book marketing and publicity are good and still hold true. Even if many of the tactics they list are now out-of-date. In fact, it's amazing how un-guerilla most of what they suggest now sounds.

The book is also of way more use to non-fiction authors. And if you don't have experience with and understanding of the marketing/pr field, following some of their suggestions may be an exercise in frustration.

And I think on the whole the authors are rather too optimistic.

That said, if you want to be published and especially if you want to be published more than once, this book should be on the list of resources that you draw upon to create your plan for marketing yourself and your books.
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